Friday, 13 April 2007

Make A Wish

You can't have everything. That may seem like a statement of the obvious, but it's surprising how many people seem to forget the fact when you're making their decisions. Something in human nature refuses to accept that universal rule. We want to believe we can have it all, if only because it makes for a pleasant fantasy. You can dream what you like, but even if you were the wealthiest person on the planet, there would be some things your money couldn't buy.

Imagine that you have discovered a magical lamp. A genie appears when you rub it and offers to grant you a single wish in return for setting it free. You can wish for anything in the world you want (with the standard wish granter's stipulation of no wishing for more wishes). What do you wish for?

* * *

The things we wish for are the things we think we want most from life, but more specifically, they are things we think we cannot obtain by ourselves. The thing you wished for is something you hope to receive from someone else and corresponds to what you want most from your partner.

Did you ask for fabulous riches or treasure? That wish may someday come true, but many find in acquiring wealth by attaching themselves to another that they are forced to give up something much more valuable than they could ever hope to gain.

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